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Is Player Burnout Real?

Is Player Burnout Real?

Posted by Eric Davis on Feb 9th 2020

how much baseball is too much. taking breaks in baseball

I've been thinking a lot about this quote above, and I think I concur with it 100%.

The question is, "what could young players be doing during the off time to stay sharp while ensuring they return the following season bigger, much faster, stronger ... and smarter?"

In my opinion, I believe it's:

  • playing other sports due to the fact that you discover how to truly compete and be an excellent teammate.
  • Getting in an athletic shape since being a great ballplayer isn't about being 6'2, it's about being strong.
  • Working on your mental game since hitting has to do with confidence so the question is, "how do we produce more confidence?".

What are your ideas about kids playing excessive?

Are you making your kid's mental game a priority? If so - what elements?

Reply & comment to get some good conversation about it.